We love creating software. Really, we love doing it :)

Why Houlak? Hou is a Hawaiian word for fresh, new, innovate and that's what we are: a fresh company who seeks innovation and quality in all we do. What about lak? Hmmm, we just think it sounds cool with Hou :), doesn't it?


We transform ideas into software masterpieces.


Software Factory

We work for you creating cutting edge software. Looking for IT development? We are ready!


Own Products

We love creating new products that have an impact in your everyday life. Also, we enjoy creating and contributing to open-source projects



Have an idea? Focus on your business while we build what you need. Let our IT specialists take care of your needs!


Because the key about making great things is having an outstanding team

Houlak was founded by Calculo S.A., a firm in market providing services for telcos since 1993 and Diego Mazzone, a Software Engineer specialized on mobile development with a lot of experience working for companies around the world. Houlak combines the experience of a company with more than 20 years and the expertise in IT and leadership from Diego and his team.


  • Direccion: World Trade Center, T3, Of. 367
  • C.P.: 11300
  • Teléfono: (+598) 99706389
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay